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About MaherGram

MaherGram is your ultimate solution for Instagram marketing. With MaherGram, you can gain followers, increase your exposure and engagement and take your Instagram game to the next level, everything on Autopilot! 

Everything for Instagram Marketing

MaherGram has everything you need to gain momentum on the fastest growing social network.

Best Rated!

MaherGram is the best rated Instagram Tool of 2019 by Social Media Examiner!

Instagram Growth, the right way

MaherGram is your perfect Instagram growth tool. See incredible genuine Instagram growth, fast.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

You can manage up to 100 Instagram accounts from one dashboard with MaherGram.

Here's how to add your account to MaherGram:

Go to Accounts

Go into Accounts page from left side menu to see all Instagram accounts you manage on MaherGram.

Add New Account

Click on New Account from top menu and you'll see a new page to connect your Instagram account.

Connect Account

Add your Instagram account details and connect. Your Instagram account will be added to your MaherGram account.

Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts

MaherGram Features in Detail

Still need understanding how MaherGram works?

Here are MaherGram Instagram Automation and Posting features, in detail. 

Instagram Auto Post & Scheduling

Schedule or Instant Post to Instagram

You can either schedule your posts at a later time with the intuitive scheduler or post instantly to your Instagram accounts.

You can also save captions to use later and also configure to add first comment to your posts automatically.

Posting & Image Upload Options

You can post photos, stories, videos or albums with MaherGram. Plus, MaherGram’s file manager is one of a kind. You can drag and drop your images/videos and manage it like never before.

You can also upload images directly from Google Drive, Dropbox, and One Drive.

Instagram Auto Follow

With MaherGram, you can auto follow other Instagram accounts. There are 3 options to auto follow:

  • Hashtags: Automatically follow accounts based on the use of hashtags
  • Places: Follow Instagram accounts based on user’s locations
  • People: Auto follow recent followers of any particular Instagram account or followers of an account.

By auto following other people on Instagram, you will also gain follow backs and increase your follower count.

Instagram Auto Follow
Instagram Auto Like

Instagram Auto Like

MaherGram’s auto like feature allows you to auto like posts on Instagram based on Hashtags, places or people.

  • Hashtags: Automatically like posts based on the use of hashtags
  • Places: Like Instagram posts based on user’s locations
  • People: Auto like recent posts of any particular Instagram account or followers of an account. 

It helps you connect with the right kind of content to get yourself noticed without doing much of a thing.

You can set it to like posts from potential customers or your competitors’ customers/followers with the use of People targeting.

Instagram Auto Repost

Being active on Instagram and posting new content every day is the only way to succeed.

With Auto Repost option, you can automatically post content from other pages to your Instagram account throughout the day.

Plus, you can set it up to automatically delete your reposted content after X hours or days.

Instagram Auto Repost
Instagram Auto Direct Message

Instagram Auto Direct Message (to new followers)

Engage with your new followers by sending them direct message automatically using MaherGram.

You can send a thank you message or tell them about your product/business and connect with them on a personal level.

If you send a direct message to every new follower you have yourself, it will be a daunting task. But with our Auto DM feature, your message will be sent automatically as you get a new follower.

Instagram Auto Unfollow

Sometimes you might want to unfollow Instagram accounts that don’t follow you or you want to unfollow accounts you previously auto followed using MaherGram, the Auto unfollow can do it for you.

You can set it to Unfollow accounts that are not following you back and also unfollow all accounts you followed through Auto follow feature of MaherGram.

You can also white list users you don’t want to unfollow.

Instagram Auto Comment

Instagram Auto Comment

MaherGram’s Auto Comment feature is very helpful for mass-advertising your product/business to thousands of people directly.

You can set it to auto comment your messages to other peoples’ posts based on Hashtags, places or people.

  • Hashtags: Automatically comment on posts based on the use of hashtags
  • Places: Comment on Instagram posts based on user’s locations
  • People: Auto comment on recent posts of any particular Instagram account or followers of an account. 

You can also include hashtags and links with your messages.

What People Say About Us?

Here are real user reviews of MaherGram from our customers.

Find out why MaherGram is loved so much!

MaherGram is unbelievable! I just put my competitor's username in MaherGram follow and likes tool and it automatically started following competitors followers and liking their posts. I’m getting so much exposure and new clients! Can’t believe I only found this now. Kudos!

Robert Moore
BeeSparkle Pest Control

I have been using this app for a while now and it is a very good way of posting to gain customers and advertise on Instagram. Well worth the cost it has paid for itself time and time again.

Jeffrey Baker

I've considerably increased my Instagram followers and getting 20 times more engagement to my posts now! MaherGram is essential for Instagram.

Karen Perez
Business Manager

MaherGram is a perfect solution for Instagram marketing. I've seen incredible results to my Instagram profiles with MaherGram.

Eddie Myrick
Business Owner

I am growing my blogs at a pace of 30-40 followers a day using MaherGram. It’s the only service I don’t regret paying for!

David Shear

Frequently Asked Questions

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It’s very easy to connect your Instagram account with MaherGram. Just go to Accounts page and add your Instagram accounts in just a few seconds.

It’s absolutely safe. Since MaherGram uses many safety features, it’s even more safe than posting and doing the activities directly.

Not at all.

Yes. We also have plans to manage more than 10 Instagram accounts. Contact us your requirements and we’ll provide more info.

You don’t need anything other than your web browser to use the app.

No, Once you’ve scheduled a post, You can close your computer. MaherGram will post your message automatically at the selected time.

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